The Jazzway Express was founded by Brent Ward in 2009.  The group specializes in social events and musical performances.

      Social events provide interactive activities for attendees, mixer activities and lifestyle features.  

       Our live jazz background music ("musical wallpaper") is suitable for networking meetings, dinner events, weddings, conferences or other functions requiring atmosphere. Our music helps  guests feel relaxed, and is at a volume that allows for conversation. Our combination of instruments and dress provides a cultured, upscale jazz panache to suit the personality of your function. We can also dress casually to meet your requirements.

      Our feature performances put the focus on the musicianship of the group featuring upbeat smooth, traditional or latin jazz. These performances are suitable for attracting people to your event due to their interest in music and your event's other features.

       In addition to versatile, quality live jazz, our group has mature, reliable, university trained and highly experienced musicians you can count on to provide a professional, quality jazz experience.

    Check out our performance schedule page to see the social events,  weddings, bridal shows, corporate, student life, jazz festivals and community events at which we've entertained audiences for several years. As you can see, we love succesful events!

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