Brent Ward
Electric Bass

Brent resides in Conway, Orlando.  Brent studied piano and music theory for 8 years at the Royal Conservatory of Music, London, Canada, later switching to bass.  As a bassist, Brent studied jazz improvisation with legendary fusion bassist Adam Nitti at, as well as through private lessons with London, Ontario jazz musicians.

Over the last 20 years,  Brent performed traditional, smooth and contemporary jazz with the The Contemporary Jazz Group, a quartet of university and college-trained musicians, entertaining crowds at Cambridge and Mississauga establishments, cultural centers, and art galleries.   During this period, Brent also worked with the Cambridge, Canada blues group The Manager's Band, peforming at local establishments and private functions.  He also worked with the London, Canada jazz/fusion group The Accidentals for several years.  Brent has also performed with numerous duets, trios and quartets in folk, jazz, blues and classic rock genres over the last 25 years.    Back to Meet the Musicians

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